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Tis the Season~

At this time of year when the weather has gotten colder and the trees have now dropped their colorful leaves, it sometimes seems as though the world truly has been forever changed by the years of isolation and the lack of connection that went on for so long.

This holiday season there seems to be so many who have begun their Christmas celebrations so much earlier and with a new desire to make their way to moving forward with a greater purpose in sight. Decorations are everywhere, lights already burn bright and gifts are being given, even though at times small in greater abundance.

Could it be that we have all endured enough isolation and that many now are willing to take a chance on the connection so needed by humanity. Or is it that the anger and fear is giving way to more kindness and love towards our neighbors.

Whatever the rhyme or reason behind all the merriment I hope that it is met in turn with an equal measure of love and compassion for ourselves and others and that we can all dig deep and remember what it was like before the world became so divided and distracted, when we actually noticed and cared that someone else had challenges too, and looked for ways to help, not just ourselves but also others.

Tis the season to not only remember the birth of the Savior of the world but to also remember what He taught about the importance of loving and lifting others, and shinning our light where hope and joy are needed.

Whatever your beliefs and desires during this season, I challenge you to make it a time of peace and love by having compassion for yourself and others.

Remember that this is not a race to the finish line or a test to see how quickly you can drain your bank account and your energy reserves. It is more importantly about lending a listening ear, looking for what is needed most and being there when someone truly needs you.

Yours in Health and Healing,


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